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It’s a horrible situation to find yourself in.

You want to move home, buy a new house and start afresh but the problem is, your house just isn’t interesting buyers. 

There are countless reasons why this may be the case however, if you’re sitting there asking yourself ‘why isn’t my house selling?’ We've got some advice, guidance and potential answers for you.


In the majority of cases, the reason a house won’t sell is down to its value. It’s probable that, if you’ve given the house a decent chance to sell, you need to consider reducing the asking price.

Your expectations and those of the potential buyers just aren’t marrying up and the longer you leave it on the market to stagnate, the sadder it will look, if it doesn’t compare well to other properties in the area, you're going to struggle to sell.

If you’ve prepared fully for selling your house, given it time and the agent is confident the asking price is correct – value may not be the answer to your woes.


How does it read? Is it just another 'three bed semi in a popular location' or does it draw buyers in, describing its features, reasons to live there, why you bought it and what you love?

Is your chosen agent really the best option for you? 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you had the proactive contact you want from the agent?

  • Do they give you honest feedback?

  • Do you feel like they have done everything possible to help sell your home?

  • Do they speak directly to their ‘hot buyers’ about your listing?

  • Are they thinking ‘outside of the box’ about letting people know your house is available?

  • Have they marketed your property effectively? Have they delivered on their promises?

If you aren’t happy with your estate agent, it might be time to have a discussion with someone else. They’ll naturally want you to stay with them, but it’s worth considering some of the benefits of switching before making your final decision, by changing the price as well as the agent will have double the effect!

  • your home will be immediately re-labelled as a new listing on the property portals, giving you a completely fresh start

  • a new property coming onto the market is the most exciting time for any estate agent and brings with it new energy and enthusiasm

  • new photos from new angles, perhaps with some rearranging of furniture and accessories, can give your online advert a game-changing makeover.


This is a tough one but it could be you that’s preventing the sale of your property. Think about the following:

  • Are you always present during viewings?

  • Do you have large or smelly pets that could be putting people off?

  • Are you trying to be helpful but actually getting in the way?

  • Is the property clean?

  • Have you touched up any poor décor instead of hiring a painter & decorator?

  • Have you decluttered and made the space less ‘you’?

Try to give potential buyers space to look around your home and ask the agent to accompany them where possible (after all, it’s what you’re paying them for). It’s quite often best to leave the house and let potential buyers get on with the viewing alone. You want buyers relaxed and free to openly discuss any perceived issues without fear of offending you.

Are you making the right first impression? The first thing a buyer sees, hears and smells when entering your home is essentially make or break. It’s vital to ensure you’ve done everything you can to impress potential buyers as soon as they walk through the door.

If you would like to discuss this or anything relating to moving please give me a bell!

01209 711118 / 07968641892 or email me on

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